1 = mandate, obligation, compulsion, indenture, exigency.
Nota: Normalmente usado en el plural.
Ex. The original mandate was very clear: to consider for inclusion all proposals made.
Ex. At the same time, the Library acknowledges its obligation to cooperate with major abstracting and indexing services to build a comprehensive national bibliographic data base.
Ex. A stickler for details, sometimes to the point of compulsion, Edmonds was deemed a fortuitous choice to head the monumental reorganization process.
Ex. So, unlike most state association or municipal library awarded grants, there was no stipulation of indenture to a state or a library for a number of years if the award was accepted.
Ex. The LA dangles between short-term exigencies and long-term potentials, and a call for cuts in library school output is trying to cure symptoms rather than diseases.
* absolver de obligación = absolve + Nombre + from obligation.
* cumplir con una obligación = live up to + Posesivo + obligation, fulfil + obligation, honour + obligation.
* descuidar las obligaciones de uno = fail + Posesivo + duty.
* desempeñar una obligación = fulfil + duty, perform + duty.
* eludir una obligación = duck + an obligation.
* estar sujeto a la obligación de = be under the obligation to.
* eximir de obligación = absolve + Nombre + from obligation.
* más allá de la obligación = beyond the call of duty.
* no tener la obligación de = be under no obligation.
* obligaciones = stewardship.
* obligaciones domésticas = domestic obligations, household chores, household obligations.
* obligaciones legales = legal requirements.
* obligación ética = ethical obligation.
* obligación legal = legal requirement, statutory obligation, legal obligation.
* obligación moral = moral obligation.
* relajarse en las obligaciones = be asleep at the wheel.
* relevar de una obligación = relieve of + duty.
* sentido de la obligación = sense of obligation.
* sentir obligación = feel + compulsion.
* ser dejado en la obligación de Uno = be derelict in + duty.
* tener la obligación de = be under the obligation to.
* tener obligación = have + obligation.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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